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       in recent years, the government has actively promoted the combination of fish farming and green power generation. on the 30th ta ya subsidiary ta ya green energy technology signed a twd 938 billion acquisition contract for tatung subsidiary zhiguang energy’s solar power plant in qigu district, tainan city. taiwan’s largest combined fish farming and solar power generation project in taiwan will set a new milestone in aquaculture and solar power symbiosis, create new value from dual land use and enable diversified development of local business and communities.

fishery-based, value-adding, combined aquaculture and solar power plant to strengthen the local economy

       ta ya green energy technology, a specialist in green energy technology services, targets combined aquaculture and solar energy to transform the power generation industry, contribute to the government’s green energy policy direction, and promotes economic development and environmental sustainability.
on the 30th , ta ya group chairman shen, shang-hung and tatung chairman lu ming-kuang signed the “zhiguang energy shares sales contract,” citing a shared optimism and vision for combined aquaculture and solar energy generation as part of the country’s energy transformation. ta ya will spend twd 6 billion on building taiwan’s largest combined fish farming and solar power generation project with an area of 160 hectares in the sanguzi section of qigu district, tainan city in southern taiwan and a total installed capacity of 120 mw per year.
hengs technology has been commissioned to carry out the system integration. the project, to be completed by the end of 2021, is expected to generate at least 3 billion kwh of electricity over the coming 20 years, preventing co2e emissions equivalent to the carbon absorption of 4,110 taipei daan forest parks. total revenue is expected to exceed twd 12 billion. this “symbiotic” project of fish farming and power generation will leave the existing aquaculture industry intact while adding green energy generation and promoting local economic development and upgrading—a win-win for all stakeholders.

       shen noted that ta ya has a long-standing track record in the green energy industry for many years. after of the sin jhong power plant, taiwan’s first large-scale land conversion solar energy construction project last year, ta ya kept its eyes open for suitable sites. ta ya green energy technology has the capabilities to build and manage this combined fish farming and power generation system with superior efficacy and performance.
as a leader in the end-to-end energy market, ta ya group will contribute to government policy goals and regulatory objectives and add 50 mw worth of ground-based power plants every year until 2025. once zhiguang energy has completed the 250 mw solar power plant (enough to power 90,000 households) and connected it to the grid, ta ya group will operate it and earn twd 1.5 billion revenue from it per year. ta ya has the capabilities to optimize the power generation efficiency of this power plant over the next 20 years and assist green power producers and enterprises in other industries based on recognition and trust to achieve symbiosis, mutual benefit and common prosperity to bring power to taiwan.